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Remove Pimples : Tommy Russo Got Rid Of Acne Finally Using This Remedy For Pimples...
It's a bit difficult to believe that people can really remove pimples permanently and never suffer from acne remission again within just a couple of days. But the creator of this unique system has been featured on the ABC Morning Show and other mainstream media outlets, who have checked his claims before allowing him to speak to their viewers.

The good thing is that it is a completely natural acne treatment - you don't need to take any pills, creams, supplements, and no expensive treatments or anything like that.

Not everybody will get rid of acne in three days, as the program claims, but probably everybody will see their skin clearing up within the first week, and be able to complete get rid of acne within less than 8 weeks .

Here Are The Major Benefits Of This Acne Cure:

You don't need pills & creams There's are no sideeffects
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Since I first started using your program, I have been able to keep my acne away. I had ugly, moderate acne for about 3 years after I graduated from high school, and nothing I ever tried during that period worked for the long run. 

Your program has been the difference in my life as it has kept working for me day after day!

Ryan Henry
Missouriu, US

Of course, as with any acne treatment, it's not totally perfect, it's not as easy as just putting some cream on your face, but from my experience it really gets rid of acne once and for all.

So do I encourage you to give it a try? Yes, absolutely! The website looks a bit too salesy, but there's hard solid proof that it works and and it's completely risk-free...

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How To Remove Pimples...
There are so many different ways to remove pimples, but it can be quite confusing to decide which one you will try. And there really is no one single pimple treatment that works better than all the others.

Because it kind of depends on the skin you have, it depends on the kind of pimple that you have, and it depends on what you want, how fast you want to get rid of it, whether you don't mind using harsh chemical treatments that might irritate your skin and work only in the short-term, or whether you prefer to find a method that works a little bit slower, but is safe and works long-term, and a whole range of other factors.

You're probably already aware that the most common way to remove pimples is by just using cleansers or some acne cream on your skin. Cleansers and acne creams are particularly popular, because they are quite affordable, and they're very easy to apply.

However, the real cause of your pimple problem lies well underneath your skin, and you simply can not really cure acne using only creams and lotions. You might make it temporarily better, but if you really want change something about your acne condition, you will have to identify the root cause and attack it there.

Here's a simple trick that can help you to get more out of washing your face. It's a way to wash your face more face friendly, and more pimple hostile so to speak. When you wash your face, simply wash it first with warm or hot water -- of course you should not use water that is so hot that it burns your face, but pretty hot is good -- and after wards you splash it with cold water.

The reason why you want to do that is because when you use hot water, you helped to open the pores of your skin, and dig deep into the pores and get rid of the bacteria and the oil that is stuck inside, and all the other stuff that you want to get rid of.

remove pimples

But you don't want to leave the pores open just like that, because then it would be very easy for dirt, dust, and bacteria to enter the pores again. That is why afterwards you use ice cold water to splash your face, to close the pores of your skin again. But just washing your face that way will be something that helps a little bit to reduce your acne and maintain healthy skin, but itself is not powerful enough to really remove pimples permanently.

Popping Pimples

I know it's always tempting to pop a pimple, but please don't do it. You are really causing more harm than good. When you pop a pimple, you cause the bacteria that are responsible for acne to spread to other parts of your body, and that persons your acne. It can also leave ugly acne scarring. So just don't do it.

You can also use lemon juice to help you get rid of acne. Lemon juice is effective, because the citric acid helps to get rid of excess oils and all kinds of dirt, and the vitamin C is very good for your skin.

Take the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon and apply it on your skin. Be careful not to let anything go into the eyes, you really don't want that to happen.

Lemon juice can be quite harsh to the skin at first, you might notice that your skin is getting red and itchy. But only for short period of time, usually around five minutes. Afterwards the itching disappears and so does the redness. And it leaves so much smoother and healthier skin after wards.

But the best way to remove pimples really is doing it from the inside out. And what I mean by removing pimples from the inside out is that you figure out what it is that you do that causes the acne, and then change that behavior.

Hint: it has a lot to do with your diet, and your hygiene. That does not mean that you are dirty, or that you are having a bad diet. It just means that you're probably making some small mistakes in your hygiene, and that you are eating some foods that are shown to worsen acne significantly.

Even when you have a healthy diet, you're probably eating some of these foods, because they are generally considered healthy, and recent scientific studies have shown that they can worsen acne significantly.


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Remove Pimples...

Are you fighting acne? And it just seems like there's no way to permanently get a clear and bright skin again? Do you feel embarrassed because of your pimples?

I know what it's like, I suffered from severe acne for many years myself. I created this website to help you find cures for acne that work.

You can absolutely remove pimples and cure your acne permanently without having to take any kind of prescription drugs with possibly dangerous side effects, expensive creams, or anything like that. Most acne treatments just try to fight acne at the surface of your skin. But you will never permanently be acne free as long as you don't fix the problem inside your body, that is causing it all.





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Home Remedies For Acne...
There are several big advantages when it comes to home remedies for acne. Obviously, it goes without saying, you can do them from the comfort of your own home, and they are often a lot cheaper than other kinds of treatments - specially if you compare it to the prices that skin clinics, dermatologists and others are charging..

But more important than price and comfort even is the fact that there are basically next to zero risk attached to using natural remedies for acne. Compare that with some common acne prescription drugs, which can have side effects as far-ranging and threatening as depression, severe headaches and abdominal pain, rectal bleeding and so on.

Toothpaste As A Home Remedy For Acne
One of the most popular acne home remedies is using toothpaste and applying it on your skin, more precisely, on to your pimples. This works because toothpaste helps to dry out the pimples.

However, if you have very sensitive skin, this treatment is not for you - some people can develop a rash and skin irritation from having toothpaste on their skin for too long. It also isn't a long-term solution really, only something that is very popular because it's so easy to apply, and because everybody aldready has toothpaste at home. It literally takes only five seconds to put toothpaste on your pimples when you are brushing your teeth before you go to bed.

Oatmeal Face Masks As A Home Remedy For Acne
A home remedy for acne that I personally prefer is an oatmeal mask. These are great, because they help to naturally remove excessive oil from your skin.
You simply take some fresh oats, grind them in a blender, until they become a powder, and mix the whole thing with water, so it turns into a paste.

If you want, you can add a little bit of rose water, or an essential oil to it. This will make it more of a spa experience. After about 15 minutes, you take it off, wash your face with hot water, and finish off by splashing it with cold water.The hot water helps to open your pores up wide, to get all the stuff that is stuck inside there out - and the cold water helps to close the pores again, so that you don't walk around with your pores wide open.

There are so many more home remedies for acne, that it's kind of a tough choice to decide which ones to include here, but I surely wouldn't want you to miss the fenugreek face mask.

Fenugreek As A Acne Home Remedy
It's best to use a mortar to turn the fenugreek leaves into a paste and put it onto your skin for about 15 minutes. It's best to do this before you go to bed at night. Afterwards, wash your face with lukewarm water.

Also, as far as diet is concerned, eat as much fresh fruits and vegetables as possible, and as little highly processed foods as possible. Fresh fruits and vegetable have all kinds of health benefits, not just for your skin - and a good overall health will also benefit your skin.

Garlic As A Acne Home Remedy
Now, here one of the home remedies for acne that only the brave ones will ever try: Take a garlic glove. Crush it. Rub it on and around your pimples. Let it get to work. It smells bad, but it helps great!

Keep in mind that all of these home remedies for acne are only meant to provide temporarily relief, and they all work only on the surface. If you want to permanently get rid of your pimple probnlem, you have to decide to eliminate acne at it's root cause. You will need a systematic and holistic approach to cure acne permanently, rather than simply dabbling around with home remedies for acne.



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